Tuesday, April 24, 2012

George Ramsey

George William Ramsey
George was born in Arkansas on March 21, 1935. During the Great Depression along with hundreds of thousands of others George’s family moved to California. George’s family settled in Walnut Creek where he went to grade school and high school. George came from a modest background. In spite of being quite smart he did not aspire to go to college. After graduating from Acalanes High school in 1954 he entered the Navy. He spent most of the time in Korea on aerial reconnaissance.
Shortly after returning from Korea he met and married Virginia Poletti in 1959. They had two sons Greg and Steve Ramsey.
George loved fireworks. When he returned from Korea he loved helping on the San Francisco Fourth of July celebration. One year one of the great rockets he loaded into the fireworks canon exploded prematurely and George lost several fingers. This did not discourage him from his love of the fireworks displays.
George went to work for the Milan Salami Company of San Francisco. It was owned by Virginia’s family. He traveled the Western states finding more markets for the company’s products. Over time George rose to become the President of the company and maintained that position for the past thirty years. He would get up each morning early so he could be to work in San Francisco at 5:00am. He was very proud when he could take on the really big salami companies and beat them in taste and quality at a very competitive price.
Virginia passed away on her birthday February 13, 2004.
George passed away on April 6 2012.
He is survived by his son Greg and Lucy Ramsey, his son Steve and Shannon Ramsey and five grandchildren Bart, Jason, Wendee, Jeremy, Brandon and numerous other relatives
(Composed by Richard Munn)